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Mongolian Adventure

From $5499 Per person twin share | 15 Days


Ulaanbaatar, Tsagaan Suvarga, Gobi Desert & more
Discover the highlights of Mongolia on an incredible small group tour
Experience the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle & more

TRAVEL PERIOD: 21 May - 3 Sep 2025


  • Return international full-service flights
  • 12 nights of hotel, Ger camp & family home accommodation
  • 32 meals including 3 meals daily at the Ger camp
  • English-speaking tour leader & guide


Get ready for a unique small group tour around Mongolia, a land where ancient traditions coexist with modern life. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the local nomadic lifestyle and experience the vast natural landscapes that have shaped the way of life for its people.

Your adventure begins in fascinating Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Take a city tour to learn about traditional Mongolian customs, explore magnificent monasteries, savour lunch in Ger camp and more. Get a real taste of Mongolia’s fascinating landscape as you travel the Gobi Desert to experience a homestay with a nomadic family. Immerse yourself in true Mongolian culture from a traditional Ger camp nestled between spectacular valleys, cliffs and limestone formations. Venture into the heart of the desert to hike alongside a freshwater stream, photograph the ice-filled gorges of Yolyn Am and marvel at the Khongor Sand Dune, the largest in Mongolia. No journey to the desert is complete without riding a camel across the sand dunes and luscious grasslands of the Gobi Desert.

Travel to ‘The Flaming Cliffs’ in Bayanzag, renowned worldwide for the unbelievable discovery of dinosaur eggs and bones. Visit the UNESCO-listed 24-metre-high Orkhon Waterfall, unwind in the geothermal waters of Tsenkher Hot Springs and hike through the fascinating ruins of Ongi Monastery. Stop in Karakorum to uncover the secrets of the great Mongol, Stone Age, Bronze Age and ancient periods. Afterwards, you’ll head to Khustain National Park to search for wild horses, Mongolian gazelles, grey wolves, Eurasian lynx, corsac foxes and more.

This unforgettable journey includes return international full-service flights, 12 nights of accommodation, 32 meals, English-speaking guides and more!

Want more? Add extra days to your itinerary with Arrive Early and Stay Behind in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia options.

Mongolian Adventure


    • Discover the highlights of Mongolia on an overland adventure
    • Experience the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle
    • Take a half-day city tour of Ulaanbaatar
    • Visit Gandan, the largest Buddhist monastery in Ulaanbaatar
    • Stand in awe at the 40-meter statue of Genghis Khan
    • Experience a traditional Mongolian höömii concert (throat singing)
    • Witness the stunning landscape of the Middle Gobi Desert
    • Visit the astonishing granitic formations of Baga Gazariin Chuluu
    • Explore the white limestone formations of Tsagaan Suvarga
    • Go hiking in the stunning ‘Ice Valley’ of Yolyn Am
    • Wander through the Khongor Sand Dunes
    • Ride on a Bactrian camel through the desert
    • See the Flaming Cliffs in Bayanzag, Mongolia’s dinosaur graveyard
    • Discover the fascinating Ongi Monastery ruins
    • Swim at the UNESCO-listed Orkhon Waterfall
    • Relax in the soothing waters of Tsenkher Hot Springs
    • Explore Karakorum, the 13th-century Mongolian capital
    • Wander through the beautiful ruins of Erdene Zuu Monastery
    • Look out for wild horses, gazelles and grey wolves in Khustain National Park


    • Return international full-service flights (economy class), departure city surcharges may apply


    • 3 nights of 3 and 4-star accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
    • 1-night in a traditional Nomadic family home
    • 8 nights in traditional Ger camps


    • 32 meals including three meals daily at the Ger camp


    • English-speaking tour leader and guide
    • All sightseeing and entrance fees
    • Airline taxes and surcharges
    • Bottled drinking water daily
    • Sleeping bags and sheets in Nomadic homes


    • Arrive Early: Arrive up to 30 days before your tour starts (does not include hotel accommodation, meals or transfers)
    • Stay Behind: Return up to 30 days after your tour concludes (does not include hotel accommodation, meals or transfers)

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