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Designed for students from 12-18 years old; however, we also encourage everyone to join this fun and future saving workshop. This workshop will help participants gain knowledge about our nature and environment as well as actions that need to be implemented to protect our Earth and build a more sustainable post-COVID future.

1. Time & Location

By Appointment only.

Note: This is a free educational and fun community activity, no fee required to join. A participant certificate with the National Geographic logo will also be provided.

2. Project Background

In early 2020, a small community of National Geographic Explorers alongside other international experts began to form, drawn together by the simple idea that challenges also brought opportunity.

2. Who We Are

Travel With A Cause as an authorised distributor of is ready to deliver these modules. They easily fit within any existing studies such as outdoor education, school excursions and social sciences. We aim to share our outcomes with global partners.

Travel With a Cause is also a member organisation of Education for Sustainability Tasmania, which is a network of leaders in sustainability research, training, working towards environmental sustainability, using education as a central tool.







3. Further Details About the Workshop

Please bring your mobile phone to play Kahoot. This is a fun and interactive game to test your knowledge in environment. Pizza lunch will also be provided.


The GOAL of Constructive Visions is to tell stories by visionally inspiring in use to imagine and build a more sustainable post-COVID future.

The following THREE CORE project objectives shall be met:

· Fill a gap in knowledge and vision about the opportunity that COVID-19 is presenting us to start building a more sustainable future.

· Provide an informed, accessible view that will help spark the reader's imagination, encouraging creative innovation and behavioural change.

· Encourage and facilitate critical discussion by building diverse communities and exploring difficult questions.



4. Benefits

- Participant certificate which is endorsed by National Geographic

- Understand more about the impact of Covid-19, pollution to our Earth

- Gain awareness about actions that need to be accomplished to build a more sustainable post-COVID future as well as protect our Earth

- Meet many students from different backgrounds

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