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Travel with a Cause, the not-for-profit agency in Hobart, Tasmania making a difference through travel.


For 12 years and counting, Travel with a Cause (TWAC) has been using the profits made from its clients bookings to send computers to schools in Zambia, saving a reef and rainforest from being demolished in Fiji, to purchasing mosquito nets and Lifestraws to send with our clients travelling to developing countries to keep them safe whilst there, and then to leave behind as a legacy with the local people to now keep them safe.


Managing Director Jane Johnston began her career in travel in 1981 with Ansett Holidays.  In 1995 she decided to embark on her own agency and because of her knowledge called it "Know How Travel” with the first Australian online travel site Australian Discount Travel & Tours.   It wasn’t until a trip to Matangi Island, Fiji with the Fiji Tourist board that TWAC began.


Remote Matangi Island, (a 2 hour plane ride from Nadi, half an hour 4WD to a beach launch plus another half hour by high power speed boat) struck a soft spot in Jane’s heart as she learnt the only school in the area had been decimated by a cyclone and had only been sent one bag of cement to rebuild.  With a vision to help the Matangi Island community to rebuild the school, Jane set up the not for profit accredited agency Travel with a Cause.


Up to the present day TWAC continues its philanthropic policy and being a successful travel agency. Offering a range of travel products including: international and domestic packages, corporate travel, volunteer programs, Workations (get paid to travel) and group travel.

TWAC has a desire to provide exceptional travel and online travel services, no matter what the requirements, whilst also giving competitive prices.  You can make a difference to their cause by booking your travel with them, or by simply giving a tax deductible donation.

Travel with a Cause is a fully accredited international and domestic travel agency. We are also a destination management company (DMC) also known as a professional service company, we provide and possess extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

Founding director Jane Bendall has been in travel her entire career. Starting with Ansett Holidays in 1981, Jane continued working for Qantas and Thomas Cook before becoming a locum for agencies around Hobart in Tasmania. In 1995 she decided to embark on her own agency and because of her knowledge called it "Know How". Later calling the website Australian Discount Travel & Tours which was the first online travel site in Australia that provided online booking. In 2006 Travel with a Cause was set up to pour profits into third world countries.

Up to the present day Travel with a Cause continues its philanthropic policy of buying mosquito netsandlifestraws to send with people travelling to developing countries to keep them safe whilst there, and for the traveller to leave behind as a legacy. 

Volunteer travel is also an integral part of the business, with people gettingahands on experience of giving back and making a difference. There are hundreds of different programs available; from helping out in orphanages, to teaching children, to animal conservation.

We have a desire to provide exceptional travel and online travel services, no matter what the requirements. You can make a difference to our cause by booking your travel with us. We book domestic travel including discounted rates on the Spirit of Tasmania, and exclusive Tasmanian packages and experiences. Of course, you can book your overseas travel with us as well.


In 2006 Travel with a Cause was set up due to a series of events.  Jane was on a familiarisation with the Fiji Tourist Board when on Matangi Island (which is a 2-hour plane journey from Nadi, half an hour 4WD to a beach launch and then another half hour by high power speedboat). Whilst waiting on the beach to return with all the agents she noticed a number of dinghies heading for the opposite beach and enquired what they were doing. She was advised the school had been decimated by a cyclone and that the boats were dinghies of children going to school. The Fiji government had only sent one bag of cement and had to study in the central open-air bure.


On return to Australia Jane wanted to send books to the resort to send to the children but was advised that there was no mail service and a container only went ever 2-3 years. Dismay soon turned to joy when another invite arrived miraculously with Matangai Island as day 10 on the itinerary. By the time Jane arrived with the books the rest of the travel agents with her were keen to come to the island to give the books. The headmaster of the school told Jane that she would be back to see the school built. Jane laughed and said if he knew how much of a miracle it had been able to return! However, on returning to Nadi Jane won the prize for the best seller of Fiji and was given a prize to nominate anywhere she wanted to stay for a week including airfares. She got to see the school built and the tour for the guests to visit the island once a week and a donation book meant funds were flowing for the school!


In the meantime, Richard Parker GM of Australian Discount Travel & Tours was travelling to Zambia. He was taken back to a tree he had sat under in Livingston some 50 years prior and knew that in some way he should be able to make a difference It was inevitable that Richard & Jane set up Travel with a Cause. Since the inception, the agency has been able to make a difference. Travel with a Cause has saved a Reef and Rain-forest in Fiji and sent computers to Zambia.

Stemming from a contact in Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, contact with the landowner resulted in being able to save 4000 hectares of reef and rain-forest (about 50 miles as the crow flies from Matangi Island) from Chinese Loggers and get included under the reduction of emissions scheme. The Education Department of Tasmania donated old computers to our project of Women In Need and VET scheme in Zambia.

The day to day running of a normal Travel operation is enhanced by our support of many projects and with our DGR status you too can assist to support their worthy causes


We support sustainable community development projects that transform communities. We fund projects that focus on long term, sustainable economic and social development that long term move communities from “dependence mode” to economic and social independence. Our company works not only in travel but we also carry the capacity to accept direct donations from the public in order to distribute through its trust fund, offering financial assistance to many projects.

Initially focused on supporting OECD-designated “Developing Countries” in Nov 2009 the Board extended its sponsorship pool & mission to include humanitarian work in developed countries as well as supporting organisations that work in Australia.

Importantly with the exception of “Emergency Relief” funding, Travel With a Cause funds organisations that provide a “hand up” rather than “ of independence.”. In other words, we support projects that provide hand outslong term, sustainable community development and therefore, move needy communities from positions of “dependence” to position



If you have skills and experience, why not travel and spend some of your time working on the projects that we are sponsoring?

Are you a Medical Practitioner? A Dentist? An Optometrist? A Builder? A Cook? An Artist? A home renovator? Any skill you have can be used to great effect in the third world countries we are sponsoring. You just have to choose to make a difference.

You can place a financial donation to our projects.

Australian Citizens can claim legitimate tax deductions for gifts to some of our projects. Just ask us for more details as we are constantly moving forward in this area. If tax-deductible is not important to you, then you are assured that 100% of your donation will go to the project of your choice. Tax-deductible donations incur a 10% administration fee which is provided to over-arching organisation (World Relief Australia Inc.) which provides to TWAC its tax-deductible status. TWAC never withholds donation money for itself and 100% of the non tax-deductible donations received by TWAC are passed on to our sponsored projects.

Why not contact us today and ask us how you can make a difference to the thousands of poverty-stricken children of the third world?