Corporate Sustainable Development

We will make real and lasting change to your corporate image through our targeted consulting programs

Use the extensive international experience and proprietary environmental activities of Travel With A Cause (TWAC) to design, implement, promote and benefit financially from sustainable development projects.

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Chinese Chamber of Commerce
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International Conference Circuit

Corporate Image Protection

TWAC is an international corporate sustainability expert. We are unique in that we follow through from the consulting phase to designing and leading companies through the actual sustainability exercises, practices, financial justification and holistic communications. We use a mix of our people and your people.

Since 2011 from grass roots local environmental projects, to global consulting, to the biggest of international companies, TWAC has shown its clients how to implement and be rewarded for visible and genuine protection of profits, people and the planet; the elusive triple bottom line.

There is a huge difference between sustainable development and pretending to being sustainable, so called “greenwashing”. The community, which includes your customers, are wise to fake sustainability efforts, and the evidence is that false sustainability promotion is more damaging to a company’s reputation and profits than doing nothing.

The definition from the Brundtland Report is: "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

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Small focus group
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Large corporate involvement

Meet Our Expert Consulting Team 

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     Allan Branch

Allan has lived and worked tirelessly in countries like US, Thailand, UK, HK, Egypt, France and every Australian state, where he has achieved unbelievable results for small and large companies from industries requiring profitable yet sustainable environmental and corporate development. Clients have included GE, GM, Mitsubishi, Xerox, governments, universities and financial providers like Goldman Sacs. Allan gets turn on by balance sheets.

   Jane Johnston

Jane's unparalleled dedication created TWAC as a leading corporate sustainability consulting service to supplement her 30-year travel and tourism business. Her interest in the junction between profitable business and corporate responsibility led to her grass roots volunteer projects for companies and communities and the success evolved to similar services for big business where legitimacy and image transformation was paramount. Jane's passion is her charitable work in under developed countries.

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        Sam Bui

Sam is our marketing guru whose social media platform knowledge provides TWAC absolute leadership in state-of-the-art on-line and electronic programs. As Marketing Manager, he designs and builds website, creates social media content in several languages and is our WeChat connection. Sam is also our karaoke champion, but loves the big stage TWAC provides him.

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     Amber Tsai

Amber is our amazing international business communications consultant with experience in Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan, on projects including fish industries, hospitality, and tourism. Her 5 years with TWAC has helped double our business year on year. As a personal development effort, as if her MBA is already not enough, she is also completing her PhD in Volunteer Leadership at UTAS. Her specialty is marketing with stickability, the cornerstone of sustainability. Amber is an avid mountain climber, surfer and hang gliding.

Smart farm in Thailand for sustainable bio plastic from Tapioca.
Low impact, clean methodology technology 
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Rare earth, open cut mine remediation in California
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Aquiculture shoreline environmental projects
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Our dedicated team