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We are proud to provide such a good working environment for staff & trainees to learn and expand their knowledge. Let's have a look at what they think after joining us! 

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Internship at TWAC was an important step for me to leave the university campus and go into society. It provided me with the possibility to gain valuable work experience, and helped me to open up channels to professional fields and have a broader perspective. I would especially like to thank our CEO Jane and Marketing Manager Sam for their guidance and assistance in my work. It gave me the opportunity to do more practice when I was still a rookie, and let me learn how to complete tasks efficiently and responsibly in the workplace. Every piece of encouragement and advice from the TWAC team during my internship is very valuable, and these are the most valuable experiences in my life.

 --Minghao (Ash) Sun- Former IT Intern and currently our IT Support--


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work at your company. Learned a lot in their professional environment. After completing my internship, I have learned so much that will help me in my career. I learned Marketing, Website services, Social Media handling and on top of that discipline and work ethics. Looking forward to more opportunities and milestones.

Thank you again for your time and mentorship!

--Muhammad Tabish- ICT Trainee & Intern--


I had a great time working there at TWAC. The CEO Jane is super nice and supportive, and other staffs are also friendly and understanding to interns like myself who was in dire need of work experiences, spending their valuable time to show me the logics and the technics in their area of expertise. 

I have an introvert personality and never thought myself would work in a position that would constantly talk to clients and customers, especially with the fact that English is not my first language. The team helped me built up my confidence and I was able to push myself into the next level.

The admin assistant position is a very challenging yet rewarding role for any fresh starters. I see the role as a bridge connecting all other teams together to achieve the objectives. The reach of this position would help interns to understand what each team does and how to they collaborate in projects. To better do my job, I learnt how to use WIX from the the marketing team and Xero from the accounting team which dearly supported me with getting my current full time job as an accounts assistant. Overall, I am deeply thankful for the help and support the TWAC team has given me which aided me in landing my first full time role

--Nan Yang- Business Admin Trainee & Intern--

Romi- Accounting.jpg

I hope you are having an amazing morning. I just wanted to share a very good news, I got a part-time accounting job in a medical college. This is such a happy moment as this would be my first office job in Australia and this is all because of you guys.

Luke, I can’t thank you enough for being so patient with me while doing intern as this was my first time learning Xero. Luckily, the company was introducing Xero from their old software and wanted someone who has a knowledge of it and wallah they hired me!

And Sam, thank you so much for all your support if you haven’t taken me as an intern I would never get to learn and work in TWAC. You have been so amazing.

Overall, It was a great experience working at TWAC and I am going to miss everyone a lot.

       --Romi Bania- Accounting Trainee & Intern


I was desperately looking for a place where I can learn and upgrade myself. It is rightly said, miracles don’t happen overnight, but they do: And this was the time when I met Jane, she was a ray of hope for me to enhance my skills as per Australian market standards. With her abundance knowledge and guidance and my mentor Alex, who was extremely helpful and patiently listen and cleared my doubts.  

Being a volunteer sales consultant, I got first hand training of reservations, itinerary building, flight search using GDS and answering sales calls. Including sales invoicing and billing using Xero software for accounting. This experience certainly enhanced by skillset and made me job ready as per Australian standards. Apart from that team TWAC is doing a wonderful job for promote sustainable tourism we certainly is the need of the hour. 

I will look forward to work with you in future!

      --Ratika Sharma- Accounting Trainee & Intern--

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