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Set sail aboard the comfortable and spacious polar expedition vessel, the Ocean Endeavour, to discover the raw beauty of untamed Antarctica, the ultimate destination for the true explorer.

Embark in Ushuaia at the southern tip of South America, to cruise through the infamous and often turbulent Drake Passage, destination South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Enter into a world of ice, surrounded by the spellbindingly beautiful landscapes created by the harsh Antarctic climate. This is an unspoiled wilderness, uninhabited by man, where the penguins, seals, whales and seabirds are the true rulers. Antarctica offers unparalleled wildlife viewing, as you wander through colonies of entertaining and curious penguins, encounter basking seals, watch a frenzy of feeding birdlife and maybe see the silhouette of a whale gliding past or breaching the surface.


This is a once in a lifetime voyage to the world’s final frontier.

Optional Activities : Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, Photography, Yoga

Travel Style: Expedition Cruise, Small Ship Cruise

Location: Antarctic Peninsula

Ship: The Ocean Endeavour

Flights: We offer a range of flight options to meet your cruise. Contact us today to discuss.


    • In just under two weeks you will experience the highlights of the northern Antarctic region: the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula.

    • You will visit sections of the Antarctic Peninsula with remarkable views of the towering peaks of the Antarctic continent and a wide range of wildlife.

    • While at sea, you can enjoy the amenities of the Ocean Endeavour. There is also a lecture program which will educate you about the unique flora and fauna of this part of the world, as well as the legendary tales about early explorers.

    • The itinerary allows possibilities for unforgettable activities such as Zodiac excursions, guided hikes on shore, visits to wildlife colonies, kayaking, camping and the exploration of historic huts and science stations.

    • You will learn about the Peninsula's remarkable history and will encounter gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguin rookeries; Weddell, crab-eater and leopard seals; as well as orca, humpback and minke whales in the Antarctic waters.

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