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Travel With A Cause invites you to share in an exclusive luxury jet mission, chasing the Aurora Australis. Hosted by journalist and explorer, Cameron Bennett & NASA Alumni, Miranda Satterthwaite.


Hosted by journalist and explorer, Cameron Bennett & NASA Alumni, Miranda Satterthwaite


SKU: ITC-18AUG2201
  • Hosted by journalist and explorer, Cameron Bennett & NASA Alumni, Miranda Satterthwaite.

    Cameron Bennett

    Cameron Bennett is a as journalist, documentary director and writer, explorer, and musician. With decades of experience as a Foreign Correspondent he has travelled the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific, USA, and the Middle East. When Cameron visited Antarctica, he says it was a profound experience, that never leaves you. “It’s the light that shapes your perception of the Frozen South and none more so than Aurora Australis, the spectacular natural phenomenon that lights up the sky in ribbons of green, pink and red”. To see the Southern Lights is to witness and experience awe and wonderment; the same wonderment shared by the great explorers of more than a century ago. I am excited to share this incredible opportunity to view the Australis Aurora far above the earth, at over 37,000 feet.”


    Miranda Satterthwaite

    New Zealand born, NASA Alumni, Miranda Satterthwaite has accompanied NASA Sofia astronomy Missions. Her indepth USA based training included STEM education in NASA bases, including NASA Marshall Flight Centre, NASA Kennedy Centre, NASA Armstrong Flight Centre, and NASA Ames Centre. Now Academy Director for the International Antarctic Centre, Miranda directs the Mission to Space programmes, including training students with interactive programmes on Antarctic Aerospace, utilising Antarctica tested technology for space exploration. We welcome Melissa’s contribution, with her unique informative insight on our Aurora Australis Mission. “ Chasing the Aurora over the Southern Ocean in a jet reveals to passengers one of the most unique and spectacular light shows nature can provide. The experience is not only spiritual but intellectual as your guide enlightens you on the origins of the solar activity that cause this amazing phenomenon. Being part of such an important and engaging astrotourism opportunity is just a delight for all involved.” NASA Alumni : Miranda Satterthwaite

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