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Childcare Program in Ghana1

Childcare Program in Ghana


Volunteering with Children in Ghana in a school in Ghana is the most rewarding experience. 


These centers are short of well-trained care takers for children and volunteers are very much needed. The work in the Children’s home involves, feeding, dressing and keeping them active within the homes.



Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisting local staff in daily work to help them run the school in a better way.
  • Playing with kids and spending time with them.
  • Design teaching programs for the kids.
  • Help the kids in improving their knowledge and teaching them in a play way method.
  • Teaching basic English alphabets and elementary Math.
  • Helping the care taker in different tasks and taking care of the kids.

Duration: 2 weeks

Product Reference: Volunteering Solutions Ghana - Childcare Program in Ghana


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