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Travel is back and we're here to support you!

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Travel is nearly back as normal and we are more than happy to be here to support you. For your enquiries about our tours in Australia and also around the world, please visit our weblink:

For your enquiries and any questions about travel, please feel free to contact us via:

PHONE: (03) 6231 3844


Travel with a Cause is a not-for-profit travel agency in Hobart, Tasmania making a difference through travel. We are 30-year-old established travel agency in a premier position in the Tasmanian community, with multiple awards like in the top three best travel agencies in Hobart in four consecutive years from 2018 until now and we're in the Semi-Finals in the Prime Super Business Innovation Award, which forms as part of the 2021 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards.

For further information about us, please visit our webpage:

Border information for international travel to APAC regions:

The products that we're offering:

  • Travel tours around the world

  • Travel & volunteer tours in Tasmania

  • Training & Internship Program

  • Travel insurance

  • National Park Pass

  • Spirit of Tasmania

Other Information about travel:

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