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We’re selected by National Geographic to be the Australian representative to present the model from Constructive for climate change. We’re also proud to represent our planet saving education.

We felt this book would be incomplete without addressing climate change – and without visioning a hopeful bright future in which we successfully tackle this murky, amorphous monster that looms over us. If we have the strength, will, and sense of community to work together to suppress a global pandemic, we can indeed work together to tackle climate change.

Between February and April 2020, lockdowns the world over allowed a 17% decrease in carbon emissions. Much of this drop came from the reduced use of cars and planes, while some came from factories lowering their production rates. Companies are now recognizing that their employees can work from home and still be effective; some are starting to shut down whole offices to encourage remote working on a large scale. COVID-19 has amplified the lack of global cohesiveness in approaches to dealing with a life-threatening crisis, but it has also shown us that there is really no effective way forward towards a more sustainable future until countries, organizations, and individuals come together to affect local and global change.

We are capable of slowing down, of taking a deep breath. With effective leadership, we are all able to act for the greater good. Here, we share with you a letter from the days of the pandemic, as well as two letters from the future.


June 14, 2020 Dear Humanity,

Who would ever have thought that tiny creatures like viruses could put the entire world at a standstill, thereby changing the global climatic atmosphere? Airports have shut down and global flights are grounded. The Vatican City is devoid of worshippers. The European Premiership League, Formula One auto-racing, major-league baseball, and tennis tournaments are cancelled. Even the Olympics, suspended. Oh, the mystery of a tiny creature like a virus bringing us giants to our knees!

Cries for the loss of loved ones are sounding everywhere, coupled with cries of financial losses from local, national, and global economies. Will the world ever recover from this pandemic?

And yet, let us turn for a moment to also notice how nature has seen the best of its days during this pandemic.

Written by Fola Babalola, Victoria Herrmann, Anusha Shankar, Tarin Toledo, Nicolas Villaume, and Alexandra Zachwieja

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