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Globale Sustainabity Tourism Award

Skål is an international organization active in 84 countries with nearly 13,000 members and represents thousands of tourism operators and businesses around the world. Other finalists included operators from Peru and South Africa.

The Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are geared towards enhancing the visibility and grant recognition to entities from the Travel and Tourism industry. Based on the declaration of the United Nations in 2002, Skål International launched its own ‘Sustainable Tourism Awards’ the same year, to spotlight best practices globally.

For nearly 16 years, Travel With a Cause has operated local volunteer-based environmental and community projects and has helped businesses operate more sustainably. Travel with a Cause has designed and conducted beach clean-ups, tree planting, land care and wildlife projects, orientation for international students and corporate greening activities. On the other hand, Travel with a Cause is determined to keep innovating and expanding and has recently been nominated by National Geographic to deliver sustainability modules to students.

Based on this situation, appropriately during Climate Change Week, we (TWAC) are the global winners of the Sustainable Tourism Awards. Such an honour gave the field of fellow Skål members worldwide doing their bit for the planet.

A huge thank you to our team and their hard work and effort are contributing to saving the world on tree planting, bush care, native wildlife and beach cleanup days. Thanks to the National Geographic team for making us the Australian representative to deliver sustainable education to youth. This award will help to receive recognition and deliver Constructive Visions tours.

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