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Tasmania Holiday Tips- Jane

14 August 2018

Jane Johnston | Managing Director | Tasmanian Fiji Holidays Specialist

It is always exciting as President of #Women in Tourism and Hospitality Tasmania, to visit one of our members bright and shiny new business. There was certainly a high expectation I had visiting Cally Lyon's #RathmoreHouse, as local rumour had it that this beautiful farming homestead had undergone an amazing facelift.

In early March 2018, this year, I bumped into Cally whilst assisting with the serving of fine #Tasmanianwine and gin at the #Hamiltonshow (frequented by #Tassie locals such as Ray Martin and Charles Woolley). Spontaneously she had invited me to drop in on my way out of the Derwent Valley.

As I left the highway and drove up the driveway my level of anticipation increased when I saw the beautifully restored shearing quarters and house. These have been comfortably and tastefully done out, with a central living area with all the facilities a group would need and a perfect way to experience the farm at a reasonable price. Next was the converted cottage which was again tastefully presented and roomy enough for any family.  

Stepping into the main house was reminiscent of visiting #DowntownAbbey, I was waiting for a maid to appear with a pinafore asking for my coat. All the stunning antiques, artworks and specially chosen fittings all adds up to a feeling you are part of the landed gentry. The elegant furnishings are complimented by all the stunning refurbished bathrooms.

Kayaks are provided if you want to take a paddle in the dam with the ducks and there are many attractions in the Derwent Valley including #SalmonPonds and #RussellFalls close by.

I was practising with my new fisheye on my mobile phone camera ( that Amber our social media guru at TWAC had bought me back from Taiwan). It worked great to show the whole room but kind of looks like I took the photo through the keyholes.

Thanks for showing me your lovely property. You have done a stunning job with the renovations and I would highly recommend a stay at #RathmoreHouse in the #DerwentValley. You are in for a treat!

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