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Bruny Island Volunteer Day

Thursday, 13 August 2020

With the sun beaming down upon the Bruny Island ferry with a coffee in hand, it was going to be a good day. Two minibusses filled with volunteers are ready to buckle down and get their hands dirty helping the local community.

From Hobart to Kettering it is an estimated thirty-minute drive with a fifteen-minute commute via ferry to Bruny Island. Upon arrival, we were driven on a scenic route filled with picturesque views and native wildlife.

The stunning view from The Neck, Bruny Island

Driving past the various amounts of local tourist attractions such as Get Shucked, Bruny Island Cheese Company, and the Bruny Island Chocolate Co. to name a few, we reached our volunteering destination. Gloves on with determination beaming from every face, we are ready to begin!  The hours of hard work in the morning consisted of pulling bracken ferns out of the ground to eliminate any future fire hazards that would potentially affect the community in the blazing heat of the summertime.

Bushfire eradication

Lunch was provided by our very own Marky's Filipino Tocino, this was a lovely protein and carb hit after all the earlier efforts done by our amazing volunteer workers. After completing our work each

volunteer was then rewarded by receiving their very own certificate showing the devotion and hard-working attitude towards volunteering for the local community on Bruny Island. The community recognizes and appreciates the assistance of our volunteers who could not have done a better job with the time that they had.

When it was time to leave, we traveled via Get Shucked, and with a few funny looks on my teammate's faces about to watch me eat some oysters, it was time to return to Hobart.

By Jazz Adaszynski

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