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Travel Big on Small Budget

More and more families are simply travelling the world as a pseudo retirement. The advice is that it can be done cheaply, with more flexibility and variety than structured travel, just do it…


Jeremy and Winnie retired from their tech jobs in their 30s, where they earned a combined salary of $US135,000. They now travel full-time with their 3-year-old son, living on about $US65,000 a year. Travelling in retirement is a pretty common thing, so I suppose the interesting part is that we were still in our 30s and our 3-year-old son has now been to 35 countries.Full story:

Alyson Long says “I can’t believe we travelled so cheaply in year one. We had $30,000 to spend and we were trying to make it last as long as possible. That sum was for 4 people and you’ll see below how long it lasted and how much travel we got for our money. So how much money do you need to travel the world? Well it depends on you, how will you travel? What are your priorities, what will you save on and splurge on? We can give you an idea below. How much does it cost to travel the world really has no answer. If I say $50 per day some will find that high, some low, but I can tell you that $50 per day IS achievable in the low cost parts of the world even for a family of 4. I know of families budgeting $40 per day. These days we shoot for $100 per day. We’re spending more because we can, life is easier, but let’s look at that first year of world travel and how much it cost.” Full story:

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