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Tin Dragon Cottages

On the 14th of May 2021, our CEO- Jane Johnston headed up to the North East coast of Tasmania with a group of friends and family.

Jane was particularly keen to experience this eco-retreat she had heard so much about from Tourism Mentor David Reed, who has his own amazing property called Cod Rock Point on the East Coast at Bicheno.

Jane has family ties at nearby Scottsdale in NE Tas, and had her first training as a travel agent in the Newsagency that her Aunty and Uncle owned, and her ancestors before them. A place where her father would retreat to ride horses, with it’s rich soil and rolling hills.

Tin Dragon Cottages sounded absolutely perfect for groups or conferences and the minimum 2 nights meant there was a good opportunity to explore the area and try out it’s famous mountain bike trails, particularly the infamous Blue Tier.

The eco-resort did not disappoint. A uniquely Tasmanian experience. The cottages have been lovingly renovated and restored, being once owned by the original Chinese Tin Miners of the region. Set amongst a beautiful forest and surrounded by river, just the journey down the driveway was a beautiful experience in itself. An amazing introduction to being immersed in nature and a promise of peace.

Each cottage is set out the same as the other, only the names of the original Chinese miner, setting them apart. When the property was launched they even invited the relatives of the miners to partake in the opening. The mirrored properties avoid any division as to who might have the better cottage. There is a choice of cottages for a couple, or two bedroom cottages. For the bigger groups and conferences there is a lodge style accommodation and kitchen. The owners Christine and Graham also have a commercial kitchen and will happily cook for any group.

Following sustainable tourism and eco friendly choices and it is no wonder they have official accreditation. They had gone to a lot of care in the setting up of these self-contained cottages, it was obvious. There is also an option to paddle the river, spot a platypus or bushwalk around the huge manferns and such spectacular scenery that it really lifts the soul!

The location in Branxholm, is right on the back door to the most family friendly mountain bike trails and there are lots of bike riding options here. 5 minutes away in Derby, totally buzzing with trendy cafes and local pubs catering to the tourists. All the bike hire companies and shuttle buses that will take the more adventurous riders to the Blue Tier trails or hire you an e bike. There is a gorgeous little ride around the lake that only takes about half an hour and you get to see the most popular new addition, a sauna where you literally jump in the lake once you heat up enough.

A fantastic area to tour around close buy you will find little gems such as the Weldborough pub, the Blue Lake and waterfalls.

Lots of fun and a highly recommended experience.

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Tanya Geale
Tanya Geale
Aug 29, 2022

The most relaxed we have been in a while!

We stayed at the Tin Dragon cottages for 3 nights and definitely will return. Graham and Christine have created an accommodation that makes you feel relaxed and stress free. A herd of 10 Alpacas, and the out door spas make for a memory to never forget. The energy efficient and thoughtfully created cabins are clean and well appointed. With historic walks, an on site hydro power station, electric car chargers, a river walk..... the list goes on.

Feeding and walking the alpacas and working the sawmill are experience's I will never forget

On top of everything that Tin Dragon Trail cottages provide, Graham, Christine and James go above and beyond to…

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