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Queensland, the place to go apparently!

After all, we can travel! Yes, it is uncertain times, but isn't the unexpected to be a part of the journey?!

Excuse me for sounding optimistic but the opportunity to travel again had me at a gasp. We can do it! We as a nation Australians all let us go nomading both young and old. Hell, my daughter is doing it, so why not you?

I flew from Hobart to the Gold Coast on an incredibly lovely 2 and a half hour flight with Jetstar. Masks adorned, no problem. An easy time to pass and the rewards were fabulous. A 4-night getaway based around a public holiday (well Regatta Day only in SE Tasmania). Good priced Accor Hotel on the esplanade North of Cavill called the Breakfree Moroccan Resort. Highly recommend this very secure and gated location within walking distance to major outlets for supplying your self-contained apartment. Free parking downstairs, great driving access to everywhere, as well as optional public bus, rail, or ferry passes. The Gold Coast was giving us the beautiful tropical climate combined with catching up with precious friends.

I remembered why 40 years ago I committed my life to the travel industry. How the take-off and landing were both exhilarating and liberating to me. I got to explore new worlds, new people, new sights, and new adventures. The only satisfaction was experiencing all this than walking off the plane back in my island Tasmania where I'd surrender to its' beauty and fresh air in my lungs. Home sweet home. I was to explore the corners of the earth and sit in awe and amazement but what was always in my mind was the ease of living in paradise, with my horses, my dog, and my love (is that the wrong order?) Oh sorry daughter, you are off to Queensland nomading for 2 months, good onya!

Passionate about travel, passionate about the excitement and thrill of exploring new places. I would encourage you to just go!

Here is a photo of me in a non-touristy place on the Gold Coast that we discovered for the first time after travelling there for 40 years. The wonderful, natural pelican feeding at Charis Seafood restaurant in Labrador. I am imitating a pelican (after all, travel is about having fun!).

- Jane Johnston, CEO of Travel with a Cause

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