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[Budget traveling to Japan] Where to go in Tokyo

Our Volunteer Vy Pham has some great tips for your next trip to Japan!

The mega-city of Japan definitely has everything you ever wish for a holiday: Best food, best sightseeing, best nightlife. Here are just a few recommendations of must-go places in the capital city.

1. Shibuya

Shibuya is one of the busiest district in Tokyo, where the world-famous Shibuya Crossing is located in. I mean, just take a look at all those people waiting to cross the road...

Why is it so busy? Cuz it has everything! First thing to do when u get out of Shibuya station: take a photo with the famous Hachiko statue. After that, I spent one whole day in Shibuya just to do shopping. You just cant stop! Shopping malls, drugstores, high-end stores, clothes, cosmetics, electronic devices,...... Just go there, you will feel me...and my broken heart...

Not only is one of the best place for shopping, Shibuya also attract tourists and locals with wide range of restaurants. The famous 100Yen sushi is here, Luke's Lobster is here, and a lot of other famous chains like ramen, fried chicken,...

If you get tired of the crowds, just walk about 900m to Yoyogi Park. It's amazing and quite surprising to me at the same time as they are all in the same area but have totally opposite atmosphere. Yoyogi Park is just like...isolated from all that hustling bustling. It's also one of the most famous/biggest park in Tokyo. I wish I could go there in sakura season :(

2. Harajuku

Harajuku used to be famous for being the place that you can see a lot of young Japanese wearing "Harajuku" style. I expected that without knowing everything has changed (since a long time ago...). It's now a place where all the high-end stores gather. I noticed a lot of young Japanese like to hang out in Harajuku. My friend who's living in Japan told me that a lot of young Japanese living in urban areas like to spend, or invest on branded clothes. So maybe that's why.

Also, the famous Meiji Shrine is here. It's actually adjacent to Yoyogi Park cuz Shibuya and Harajuku are next to each other. So maybe have fun in Shibuya then walk to Yoyogi Park and the Shrine and then explore Harajuku night?

If you're in Harajuku, make sure to check out Harajuku Crepe. Duh.. the name says it all. Personally, I dont like Harajuku, it's FKING too crowded for me. SUPER CROWDED. Even worse than Shibuya.

3. Shinjuku

Here's to another "I-can't-breathe" episode. Why it has to be so crowdedddd?? Well, another place for shopping, quite similar to Shibuya. I guess most tourists go there to get the free view of the whole city from the Metropolitan Building (instead of paying to go all the way up to Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower). Also, there is a famous park Shinjuku-gyoen.

4. Odaiba

My faveee. It's also crowded but the atmosphere is totally different. Odaiba is also a shopping and entertainment district, but it is on a MANMADE FORT ISLAND. How cool is that!!! It was built to protect Tokyo from possible military attacks and once was forgotten due to the economic slowdown. Only when a train line was installed and a few international hotels appeared did Odaiba become busy again. I was so surprised at how modern everything was there. When you get off the train, you might feel like you're entering 2118, not 2018. I visited Odaiba for the Christmas firework, even tho it lasted only 10 mins

5. Asakusa

This was where I stayed for 6 days in Tokyo and also my most favorite district in Tokyo. It has such a peaceful, relaxing and ancient feel to it. It's just so... Japan, you know. I love walking through Nakamise Shopping Street, where all the prettiest souvenir shops are. I love all the street food there and also love praying at the Tokyo's oldest temple - Sensoji. Ah, and Tokyo Skytree (the tallest structure in Tokyo) is also in Asakusa.

6. Ueno

Ueno is quite close to Asakusa, if you take Ginza line train, you will arrive at Ueno Station after 3 stops. To me, Ueno is kinda like...China Town? I was amazed at how many Chinese are at Ameyayokocho (the busiest shopping street ever). But it's like cheap shopping street, selling fake LV, Gucci. But the thing I love abt it is the uncountable number of street food vendors. Everything's just so cheap, and smells so good. I got Unagi Don for 500Y (5 dollars), you can never find that cheap Unadon else where.

Also, when u're in Ueno, make sure to check out the Museum area here, where all the most famous museums in Tokyo gather. Idk why they're all in one same place, but it's quite convenient rite? And not free of course, but just around 6 dollars for entrance fee.

Also, Ueno park and Ueno Zoo are top-rated attractions.

7. Tsukiji Fish Market

Please, I can't even describe it. It was heaven on earth to me, the BEST THING in Tokyo. I will just leave some photos here, and it's a MUST GO destination.

8. Mt Fuji

C'mon, you cannot say u have been to Tokyo without having a tourist pic with Mt Fuji in the background rite? Take a getaway day trip from Tokyo to admire the beauty of Fuji San. The easiest way for ppl who travel by public transport is going to Lake Kawaguchiko Station. From there you can ask for the map and walk to any spot that can get the good view of Fuji San. You will have a lot of spare time, so try to look around, there are some museums and activities. Onsen might be a good idea too.

9. Tokyo Station

Wow, is that a station? Or an airport terminal... There are so many things to do, just inside the station. Ramen street, Cartoon street.... You can spend the whole day here if u're a cartoon lover. And there are a few tourist attractions outside the station as well.

Besides the places that I've mentioned, I also suggest some places that I didnt have enough time to go. For manga lovers, make sure u check out Akihabara (and maid cafes). Also Tokyo Imperial Palace. And just many many things more.

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