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Travel with a Cause, the not-for-profit agency in Hobart, Tasmania making a difference through travel.

Our mission is to save the environment by promoting sustainable tourism practices.


Travel With A Cause (TWAC), the not-for-profit charitable travel agency located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania. It dedicates itself in providing personalised sustainable tours of this beautiful island which it has been doing for the past two decades.


Through years of charitable work, TWAC managed to save thousands of acres of reef and rainforest in Fiji; gave out computers to schools in developing countries like Zambia; purchasing mosquito nets and Lifestraws to send with our clients travelling to developing countries to keep them safe whilst there. On our latest project, partnered with UNESCO and National Geographic along with 30+ organizations worldwide, initiating the Constructive Vision movement aims to educate young generation towards a more sustainable future.


TWAC offers wide range of travel products covers both domestic and international travel. Whether you are travelling alone or with groups, our friendly and experienced consultants will provide you with exceptional travel advice and the best deals to ensure you are having a pleasant and meaningful experience.