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Turtle Conservation Program Bali

Turtle Conservation Program Bali


Help protect the endangered sea turtles of Indonesia. Located 45 minutes off the mainland by speed boat, stay in a remote island paradise and contribute to the collecting of turtle population data, collecting eggs, monitoring nests or if you’re lucky, witness hatch lings getting safely to sea.

  • Volunteers are needed to help protect the endangered sea turtles of Indonesia. You’ll be wisked away by boat to an island 45 minutes from mainland bali.  Depending on the time of year, you’ll be collecting turtle population statistics, identifying turtle species, collecting eggs, monitoring nests or releases hatch lings into the sea.

    Life on the island is authentic with the beach literally on your doorstep however volunteers must be prepared for a more basic standard of living with much less entertainment and attractions than on the main land.

    Volunteers will also assist the local neighborhood schools with English teaching, environmental education and sports.  There are few native English speaking locals so having the opportunity to practice English speaking is very helpful to the community.

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