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This project aims to address some of the medical and educational issues facing the population of Malawi. We provide assistance at a local level through education, awareness and better-quality access to primary health care.

Opportunities may include:

Home-Based Care: Following a government-sponsored program, and with the help of experienced translators, you will plan and present training sessions to groups of local volunteers on home-based care subjects for the purpose of capacity building. Past topics include HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, personal hygiene, drug administration, recording information, first aid, wound care, bed bathing, infection prevention, sexual health awareness, nutrition and digestion, TB and recovery. On this project you may also visit the homes of chronically ill patients. This forms an essential part of the training for local volunteers, helping them become home-based care providers.


Wound Care: This placement requires volunteers to clean wounds and aid in basic dressing and bandaging, as well as making recommendations for hospital transfers for more serious injuries, or if further action or antibiotics are needed. This is vitally important in areas where wounds would otherwise go unattended, often ending in serious infections.


HIV/AIDS Awareness: Education and awareness is integral in the management of one of the greatest pandemics on the African continent today. Help to increase community understanding of HIV/AIDS and lessen the stigma related to the disease, as well as educate the local population about prevention and treatment.Provide support and counseling through community groups for those living with HIV/AIDS. This may also include nutritional advice and information about other related diseases.Encourage and help with drama workshops and presentations created by those living with HIV/AIDS. These productions will then be performed to audiences in the surrounding villages in order to aid with understanding and education regarding the disease.


Rural community hospital: This work on this project is primarily suited to volunteers with previous medical experience, medical professionals, as the center provides primary medical care and treatment.The center has a number of departments in which volunteers with relevant experience may assist, including an outpatient ward, female ward, male ward, maternity ward, nutrition unit, laboratory, pharmacy and basic dental treatment. Typically, qualified volunteers will assist the local nurses and doctors in their everyday duties. This may include midwifery, ward rounds, cleaning and dressing wounds, minor medical procedures, etc.There is also some lab technician work available, carrying out vital tests, such as haemoglobin, malaria, syphilis and pregnancy testing. Less experienced medical students will have the opportunity to shadow local nurses or doctors and assist with more administrative duties, but will gain valuable insight into medical care and treatment of tropical and infectious diseases in an emerging country.Please note: The minimum duration for this project is 6 weeks.


Malaria Prevention and Awareness: The high material costs of this project means that this option is not always available.


Nurseries for Orphan & Vulnerable Children: This project work takes place in the mornings and is for volunteers with little medical experience, or anyone with an interest in pre-school education and child-care.



Project length:  Min 4 weeks – Max 12 weeks

Malawi - Medical and Health Care Support


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