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Costa Rica Animal Rescue

Costa Rica Animal Rescue


The main objective of the Animal Rescue Centre is to take care of wild animals that have been kept captive, making sure they recover in a safe environment, and eventually taking them back to their natural habitat. 



Despite being a small country, Costa Rica has a great natural wealth. However, habitat destruction from deforestation, poaching, indiscriminate use of pesticides, the illegal pet trade, and the lack of wildlife protection have caused a decline in the populations of many species to levels that threaten their survival. Rescue and conservation is organized through the Costa Rican government National Park Association, as well as with private conservation organizations. 

  • Feeding and caring for vulnerable animals
  • Experience working with wildcats such as cougars, jaguars or ocelots
  • Enrich your knowledge and your expertise on wild animals
  • Do all of this in the beautiful area of Alajuela

Duration: 2 weeks

Product code:GoEco022

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