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Construction Volunteers Bali

Construction Volunteers Bali


Support villages around Ubud, Lovina or Lombok by building and renovating community centres such as village schools, centres, playgrounds, public libraries, etc. Have a lasting impact on the local community by providing better living conditions. Work under a local foreman who provides guidance and training. The project involves hard physical and manual labour, as you will be laying bricks, doing carpentry, painting, laying tiles, and landscaping/gardening.

  • Anyone can make a difference on this program from skilled tradesmen or handymen/woman and anyone else.  You’ll join ongoing and existing projects with local tradesman or carry out other renovation work within the local community.  This is a satisfying placement as you can witness first hand the impact you’ve made before & after.  Volunteers should possess the following qualities for this placement;

    • Active and energetic
    • Team player
    • Likes to get hands dirty   (And doesn’t mind the heat and or difficult conditions!)
    • Creative
    • High degree of patience and understanding to adapt to Balinese culture and adapt to its lifestyle


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