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Our Supports for Kantalomba

Travel with a Cause assists Oasis Life Care Ministries (OLCM)'s flight booking. OLCM is a not-for-profit organisation that has been giving support to a small community of Kantalomba, Zambia.

This is the same place that we sent all the old computers from the Tasmanian Govt's Education Department.

Our director, Jane, convinced them to donate to us rather than throwing them on the tip. At that stage, David Bartlett was Premier and Lisa Singh was Education Minister.

The computers were set up using Ubuntu method and assisted with further education and employment in the community.

OLCA's project has helped the damaged farms from the fire, the banana plants were singed and a lot of lands is now cleared ready to plough for planting maize and more cabbages and tomatoes. The houses could well have burnt had it not been for the hard-working. The bananas are fruiting well now;

The feeding program, the ladies sent a letter thanking for the better quality food and increase in food each week. This was encouraging on 2 levels. Firstly that they are getting better and more food and, secondly, that they wrote us a letter – 2 years ago when they started going to school (thanks to those who sponsor them) they couldn’t even hold a pencil.

Every year for the past few years around this time we have asked for help to buy plastic to line the roofs of the houses of the families in Kantalomba that are leaking when the rains come. This year we want to do more. We have about 20 homes that need reroofing and just waiting for an accurate quote.

Travel with a Cause would like to encourage more people to give any help for this village.

OLCA' sponsorship – whilst the ladies are doing well, OLCA really needs more sponsors for children. Currently they only have 6 sponsored. At just $25 a month we would love to see more getting an education. It is hard work and we recognize that many people are already sponsoring children through other care agencies or have had bad experiences in the past. OLCA can assure people that every cent of the money sent to us goes to the child. If you feel you could help out feel free to contact TWAC or OLCA.

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