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TWAC Sponsored Fijian Children To Go To School

TWAC was started with a heart for Fijian children (see our story) and this has not changed. Due to the Pandemic, the tourist industry completely shut down in Fiji leaving thousands of people out of work.

One of those people was Tonga, a friend of our pro-bono CEO, who she has met many times over her 17 visits to Fiji.

His Village is opposite McDonald's in Nadi. He reached out to TWAC for support in sending his 3 children to school which included the annual fee, uniforms and books.

TWAC is proud to share this photo of Tonga's children ready to go to school. Ema Diratu Susu, Toga Susu, Taniela Susu. (Adi Vika Susu) not present.

If anyone is interested in supporting Fijian children to attend schools, please send your donation to receive a deductible receipt.

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