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Underwear, socks, toiletries, change of clothes, foreign currency, passport… the packing list is extensive and an important part of ensuring you do not forget the essentials!

If you’re planning a trip, regardless of where you are travelling or for how long make sure travel insurance makes it onto your travel check list. 

Travel insurance is all about protecting you against the unexpected. At Travel with a Cause we believe it is essential and always recommend it to our travelling clients no matter what the situation or excuses. 

I once had a gentleman come into the travel agency wishing to fly from Sydney to Vancouver. He was an Australian/Canadian Citizen and I suggested insurance to him for his flight. He just laughed and said why I would want to take out travel insurance as I am covered for both countries.

I explained the importance of insurance to him and gave him an example of a particular incident where a client was flying from Australia to London but became ill at the stopover airport. I expressed how I would hate for him to fly to Canada via LA and anything happen to him whilst in transit as United States hospitalisation costs a fortune! 

Lucky for this client, he was wise and chose to take my advice and buy travel insurance. Not long after he jumped onto his non-stop flight from Australia to Los Angeles he had a heart attack on the plane. His flight was diverted to Honolulu to unload him for immediate medical attention. 

I coordinated with the insurance company and the airlines and ensure he got home safely and at no expense! It was all covered by travel insurance. This was very fortunate for him as the hospital fees were exorbitant, and would have ended up causing him to loose l his house. But instead I had an incredibly happy and grateful client. 

So remember, if you can’t afford travel insurance you better re-think your trip.  

Here are some very convincing reasons to buy travel insurance:

               > Your flight has been cancelled or delayed                > Your passport or wallet has been stolen                 > You need to cancel your trip due to illness                > You have a medical emergency in a foreign country                > The airline looses your bag                > Travel delays due to weather                > Family emergency back home                > Overseas funeral expenses                > Hijacking or terrorist attack                > Your peace of mind! 

Travel insurance is all about protecting you against the unexpected so before you travel – be prepared and add travel insurance to your check list

Another way to safe guard yourself is to register your trip with Smartraveller. This makes it easier for your travel agent and /or the Australian Government to contact you in the event of an emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family issue. 

Of course, by booking with a travel expert like Travel with Cause, you will receive sound advice on travelling wise and the range of travel insurance products available on the market. Make sure your travel agent is accredited through the industry scheme ATAS like Travel with Cause.

ATAS accredited agents are trusted, reliable and trained travel professionals.  They have met strict criteria set out by the industry body AFTA. 

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