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Travel with a Cause (TWAC) was selected in 2021 as the only Australian representative out of 30 organisations worldwide for the Constructive Visions project. We will be partnering with UNESCO and National Geographic to provide Earth-saving solutions after COVID-19 and Constructive Visions is a project designed by them. By joining our volunteer tour, you are a main part of our invaluable project to help protect our environment such as planting trees, beach clean-up, etc.

TWAC has created several volunteer tours that promote sustainable tourism by planting trees, cleaning beaches, protecting endangered species and our environment. We are working together with the local communities to protect lands and waters on which all life depends and fight climate change. Our tours to Zoodoo and Bonorong give participants a chance to expand their network, meet new friends and work with locals who are dedicated to conservation and wildlife protection. Apart from the basic manual tasks such as grass raking, weeding, cleaning paths and gutters, picking up plastics, the participants can see the endangered species and learn about the environment whilst at the same time, they can also enjoy fun activities such as feeding the animals, learning about their environment and visiting nearby attractions.


TWAC also hosted volunteer tours to protect people and wildlife from bushfires. The volunteers pull bracken ferns out of the ground and rake up leaves and bark to eliminate any future fire hazards that would potentially affect the community in the blazing heart of the summertime. Bushfires have destroyed million hectares of forest in Australia each year and have killed quolls, kangaroos and many local birds and wildlife. This is why we create these volunteer tours to prevent the bushfires occurring and contribute our efforts in building a safe environment for both humans and flora and fauna alike.


We also host several beach clean-up events where we work together with local communities to clean beaches and waterways as well as to raise awareness around the issue of water pollution.As we know that an increasing amount of plastic thrown to the ocean is killing thousands of marine life. By hosting beach clean-up volunteering tours, we gather people to act on saving the environment by removing rubbishes from beaches. Tasmania has many threatened marine species and is suffering also from introduced species that are coming from the mainland with warmer currents due to climate change. We now have species such as the blue bottle in our waters which have never been seen before and warmer waters have led to algae blooms and threatened oysters.Many varieties of seals and whales are now endangered.

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