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Fiji: Tag-I-Tuba Charity Work Initiative

Northern Vanua Levu

In 2010 we were contacted by a lawyer in Richard Branson's carbon war room. There was a project that she was interested in that just needed a little support to achieve a lot!

 The project was to save Reef and Rainforest in Northern Fiji from loggers and fisherman.

  Northern Fiji struck a chord with Jane founding director at Travel with a Cause as this was where the concept for the business first began. Jane had witnessed the need of the local Fijiians first hand and her heart was for Fiji.

  Travel with a Cause became involved and gave the landowner Emma Adikosoluva Roberts the funds to fly to see the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.

This meeting and many others  was eventually successful in included the precious Reef and Rainforest under the Reduction of Emissions Scheme. This has saved the 10 indigenous villages in this area.

The Nasavu/Vunivia Catchment comprises some 40,000 hectares of unique rain-forest and adjoining mangrove forests which was under serious threat from international logging companies. The adjacent reef (The Great Sea Reef) was also under threat from silting from logging and excessive commercial fishing.

By becoming involved in this project Travel with a Cause helped enable local indigenous Fijians to preserve this vital rain forest and its adjoining marine areas. The humanitarian impact of this project is that up to 10 Fijian communities are dependent on this forest area.

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