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Tasmania National
Parks Passes

Get your TAS national park pass with Australia's only charitable travel agency - Travel with a Cause

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About Us

Travel With A Cause (TWAC) is proud to be in the top three best Travel Agency in Hobart from 2018 until now. We are an authorised agent to sell National Park Passes and we're here to help you get your best option. Please note your park pass will be emailed to you within 24 hours after you purchase your park pass from us.

The National Parks in Tasmania:

  • Do I need the registration of my hire car?
    No, you don't need to advise the registration of your hire car. We just list it as "HIRE CAR".
  • How many national parks are there in Tasmania?
    There are 19 national parks in Tasmania, while many of the parks are inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List! Here are the list of our national parks: Ben Lomond Dolerite cliffs and a stark alpine plateau. Cradle Mountain Tasmania’s iconic wilderness destination. Douglas-Apsley Protects rich and diverse dry sclerophyll forests. Freycinet The jewel of Tasmania’s stunning coastline. Hartz Mountains Mountain walks and wildflowers. Kent Group The Kent Group is as beautiful as it is remote. Lake St Clair A wilderness carved by glaciers. Maria Island A tranquil island with a unique heritage. Mole Creek A network of sparkling limestone caves. Mt Field Tall trees, waterfalls and alpine tarns. Mt William Long lonely beaches, rich wildlife and plant life. Narawntapu Untouched beaches and abundant wildlife. Rocky Cape Aboriginal heritage, shipwrecks and more. Savage River A remote, wilderness park of temperate rainforest. South Bruny Spectacular coastal scenery. Southwest The heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. Strzelecki Home of rare flora and fauna on Flinders Island. Tasman Spectacular sea-cliffs, pristine beaches and coastal walks. Walls of Jerusalem Rich alpine flora set among rugged mountains. Wild Rivers Dramatic peaks, rainforest, wild rivers and gorges.
  • What does the Holiday Vehicles Pass do?
    It allows up to 8 people in one car to explore for 8 weeks and is the most popular.
  • Does Holiday Vehicles Pass include Cradle Mountain?
    Yes, it covers all parks statewide! You can travel to Cradle Mountain, within 8 weeks.
  • Do I need a Tasmania National Parks Pass?
    You need a valid pass to enter any national park in Tasmania. The Tasmania National Park Pass is a one-time purchase that provides unlimited entry to all national parks and reserves in Tasmania for up to eight weeks from the date of purchase. There is a park for every season and a park for Tasmania's outstanding national park system offers visitors a wide choice of opportunities to discover spectacular landscapes, from highlands carved by glaciers to quiet, solitary beaches; from cool, silent rainforests to colourful, alpine wilderness wildflowers. Tasmania's 19 national parks encompass a diversity of unspoiled habitats and ecosystems which offer refuge to unique, and often ancient, plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. ​ There is a park for every season and a park for every person.
  • Can I change the registration (REGO) of the vehicle?
    Yes, you can change the vehicle on your pass. Please email us with your name, park pass number and vehicle registration details (both old and new) to process the chage.
  • How long does it take to receive the physical pass to stick on my car window?
    Typically, Parks & Wildlife Service issue the documentation and mail it out on every Friday. So, if you are travelling sooner just print it out and leave it on the dashboard of your car for park rangers to view.
  • How much does a national park pass cost?
    ​Daily Pass - up to 24 hours (Excludes Cradle Mountain) Per vehicle (up to 8 people) ​$44.75 Per person (under 5 years no charge) $​22.35 Icon ​Daily Pass (Only for Cradle Mountain) Adults (18 years and over) ​$27.95 Children (5-17 years, under 5 years no charge) ​$11.20 Family (2 adults, 3 children) ​$67.10 Holiday Passes - up to 2 months ​​Per vehicle (up to 8 people) ​$89.50 Per person (under 5 years no charge) ​$44.75 ​Annual Park Pass - all parks General ​$95.30 Concession $76.25 Seniors* $38.10 One Park (Excludes Cradle Mountain) General ​$48.70 Concession $38.95 Two Year Parks Pass - all parks ​ General ​$121.75 Concession $97.40 Seniors* ​$48.70 * Holders of an Australian State Government issued Seniors card (excluding Seniors Business Cards) are eligible to apply for a Seniors Park Pass. Price last updated 1 July, 2023.
  • If I purchase a senior pass, do we have to purchase for others in the car?
    The seniors cover everyone in the vehicles.
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