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Cambodia - Medical Aid


This project’s goal is to provide affordable medical treatment to Samraong's community members at one of its main hospitals. The main hospital has 15 doctors, 36 nurses and 2 midwives; an insufficient number for the amount of patients seeking medical care. Often patients who need medical assistance outnumber the staff, resulting in patients leaving without being seen. In addition, this hospital has recently introduced a free HIV testing facility, which has expanded their treatment abilities, but created greater stress on the hospital staff.


The project staff will make every effort to place you in the appropriate volunteer role based on your skills and experience. The hospital director will determine your volunteer schedule based on your resume, prior experience and qualifications.

You will begin your placement observing and monitoring hospital practices.  Unless you're qualified to assist with more hands-on tasks, you will primarily be shadowing a doctor or nurse. Your tasks may include: 

  • Shadowing a nurse while he/she takes patients' vital signs
  • Shadowing a doctor during patient consultations

Qualified medical professionals may also have the opportunity to:

  • Dress wounds (if qualified)
  • Assist in different operations, such appendectomies and cesarean sections (if qualified)

In accordance with Cambodian law, you will also always be under the supervision of a registered doctor.

Typical day: You will work from around 8 am until 5pm, with a lunch break at the accommodation at approximately 11am,  Monday to Friday. The schedule for this program is highly flexible and depends a lot on the local needs and requirements, as well as your skills. You will generally have your evenings free. 

Holidays: Volunteer work does not take place during national holidays, but you are always welcome to join in the local celebration.
Please note these consecutive holidays, which may impact short-term placements, before registering:

  • April 13 - 22, 2018
  • October 8-12, 2018


Min 1 week - Max 8 weeks

  • Culture Week (highly recommended)
    For an additional fee you can extend your stay for a week with a program designed to introduce you to a great stay in a new country. As part of your orientation week, you will receive basic language classes to help you get around the country without a hassle. You will also have the opportunity to take some traditional cooking classes as well as travel to some of the finest temples in the area, engaging in Q&A sessions with monks to enhance your understanding of Buddhism and its customs. Throughout the week, there will many opportunities to interact with the local residents, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the community.

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