Australia - Wild Animal Sanctuary

Australia - Wild Animal Sanctuary

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Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife, with many species found only in Australia. This makes wildlife conservation in Australia incredibly important. Sadly, however, Australia is facing an extinction crisis, with more than 30 native mammal species becoming extinct since European settlement only 130 years ago. Today, more than 1,700 species of Australian animals and plants are listed as at risk of extinction.In this program you will make a real contribution to the conservation of Australia’s weird and wonderful wildlife as you work alongside the rangers at a local sanctuary. Set amongst 170 acres of natural bushland, with 80 acres protected by a state of the art feral-predator proof fence, this is the largest feral-free natural bushland on Australia’s eastern seaboard. The sanctuary provides a safe natural home for over 180 species while also providing a refuge for rehabilitated but un-releasable injured and orphaned animals. Additionally, the site protects an ancient Aboriginal landscape where you can see examples of Aboriginal sites that show evidence of Australia’s original people dating back thousands of years.

Every last Friday of September is Save the Koala Day!

In Australia, the native koala population is dwindling due to habitat loss. At our volunteering  program in Australia, you can have a direct impact in the lives of these furry animals, and those who sign up before October 10, 2018 will receive $100 USD off the program cost!

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    • Koala bears are actually not bears- they are marsupials, like kangaroos! Both kangaroos and koala carry their young ones in their pouches.
    • Similarly to young kangaroos, baby koalas are also called "joeys". Here is a joey that was rescued and brought to the center about one year ago!

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