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TWAC selected as the only Australian representative for Constructive Visions

Travel With A Cause have been selected as the only Australian representative out of 30 organisations worldwide, we honoured to deliver the environmental education modules and planet saving solutions for Constructive Visions .

Travel with a Cause (TWAC) is a not for profit charitable organisation. TWAC saved river, reef and rainforest in Fiji, thousands of hectares and 10 villages, by keeping loggers out by including under the Reduction of Emission Scheme. In recognition of our 16 years of sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism, TWAC will be partnering with UNESCO and National Geographic to provide Earth-saving solutions 12 to 18 years after COVID-19.

TWAC pro-bono CEO Jane, and Tonga, a friend she has met many times over her 17 visits to Fiji.

Constructive Visions is a project designed by National Geographic and UNESCO. More than 50 journalists and artists have designed modules and training materials to be delivered to teens aged 12 to 18 to reflect on how behavioural changes under COVID-19 are positively and negatively affecting our society's relationship with nature. So the Constructive Visions team has written this storybook, a vision of a realistic hope for a future we can do better. Each chapter includes stories, mixed media (photos, drawings, video, sound, and narration) and a set of educational challenges that teachers of different ages, populations, and fields can use to discuss and expand social-environmental relationships.

For more stories about TWAC saving Fiji's ecological environment, please follow :

First Floor, 41 Victoria Street Hobart, TAS 7000

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