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Norway Tromsø Cross country Ski

Hey this is Amber! Travel with a Cause's marketing team member

I love love travelling and all kinds of adventures :p

Here's a video I made a year ago when I did my exchange in Tromsø, Norway. Yep, lots of people's bucket list destination to see the Northern Lights! Pretty lucky hey!

Besides seeing the aurora almost every night while I was there, cross-country skiing was what I do everyday, the ski track was every where around the island.

When we are not studying or swimming in the arctic circle ;P and just chilling at the school's cafe, we study ski maps! check the tracks, the cabins and the bus schedule!

This video was one of the epic ski trips that we've done... just 2 days but maybe 50k or more?

This was me and my very best german adventure friend, Alina swimming in an icy lake up on a hill at Lofoten Islands.

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