If it sounds like you, please send your CV and Cover Letter to our Marketing Manager- Sam Bui via his email:sam.bui@twac.org.au

Note: Fee will be included for this internship program


We have THREE AVAILABLE POSITIONS for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) interns who want to get practical experience at a professional workplace. This is an unpaid role and depends on your performance, you will receive reference letters, a certificate to recognise your work after three months, as well as a voucher valued up to $500 to join our travel & volunteer tours for FREE OF CHARGE during your 3-month internship with us, etc.


1. Position Description

  • Role Title: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Intern

  • Status: Part Time

Note: Fees will be included for this internship program​

2. Time & Location

  • Time: 2 to 3 days per week from 10am to 4pm

  • Travel With A Cause (First Floor, 41 Victoria St, Hobart TAS 7000)

3. Responsibilities
- Reporting to the Managing Director
- Effectively source and secure new business in accordance with targets/ budgets
set and agreed to. 

4. Requirements
- Troubleshoot system failures or bugs and provide solutions to restore functionality
- Have Wix experience (Preferred)
- Offer timely technical support and teach users how to utilize computers correctly
- Perform regular upgrades to ensure systems remain updated
- Set up hardware and install and configure software and drivers
- Website Solutions
- TC Direct – creating campaigns and advertising flyers
- Add new information and update old information on website
- Add new tours, volunteer programs to website
- Implement agreed initiatives. Airline route deals, hotel contract rates etc. to be implemented within expected timetables. Ensure consultants are fully briefed

5. Benefits
-  A certificate to prove that you have completed the three-month internship program
- Reference letter signed by our CEO

- Join our travel & volunteer tours for free of charge (around 5-6 tours)

- Get a volunteer certificate after each tour that you join
- Experience to supplement your skills
- Experience a professional working environment close the gap

- Working in an English speaking environment

If it sounds like you, please send your CV and Cover Letter to our Marketing Manager- Sam Bui via his email: sam.bui@twac.org.au