Travel with a Cause offers a Gardening Community Service Placement program, designed for students, that meets the requirements of CHC 52015 Diploma of Community Services.


1. Gardening Community Service Placement


After years of providing volunteer and travel tours, due to popular demand, we are now able to provide a placement for community service. We ensure the safety of the elderly and the volunteer by staffing this program. This 120 hours program is for students studying community services course who searches for the placement and love to get experience in the aged home in 24 days only. For participants joining this program the first time, you will be required to send us your police check, ID on Monday of the week you participate as well as attending the induction from 10am to 11am on Tuesday. For students attending a second time, you will not need to attend the induction session.


2. Program Includes


  • Learning workplace health & safety

  • Work with diverse workforce and promote diversity within organisation

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and participate in developing communication strategies

  • Analyse the impacts of social and cultural factors on clients

  • Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes


3. Requirements To Participate


​This work may interact with senior citizens and vulnerable people, so you need the following:

  • Photo ID

  • A police check

Please send your scanned copies of the above documents via email to by Monday of the week (14/06/2021) you attend this program. If you already signed up for 120 hours, you only need to send us these copies one time


4. Program Inclusions

  • Official certificate signed by the aged residential facility after completing 120 hours

  • You need to attend from 9:45 AM to 2:45 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday every week;

  • You will need to attend the induction from 10am to 11am on the first Tuesday.

  • We just need a week notice from you for your preferred start day

  • Diploma training sessions if you are a student

  • Classroom, toilets, kitchen, microwave & fridge facilities

  • Experience to supplement your CV

  • TWAC oversee this project to ensure clients participation


5. Time & Location


  • Meet at 9:45 am***  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week

  • You will come directly to our partner's location- an aged residential facility at Hobart's Eastern Shore to do the placement 

  • We will finish the volunteer day at 2:45 pm***

***Equivalent to 5 hours per day for community service


6. Cost

  • 24-day program $980.00* per person if students prefer participating in 120 hours, in advance, non-refundable

  • *Cost is dependent on 60 or more students attending for the full program and will be adjusted the number is less than 60. It is also subject to change with our notification. Hours equivalent is 120 guaranteed.

7. What To Bring


  • Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty and sturdy, closed-in shoes

  • Wet weather gear if rain forecasted

  • Camera

  • TWAC provides drinks and fresh water, but please bring your own drink bottle for refills

  • Please bring your own lunch and vehicle as no transportation and meals are included


8. Conditions of Participation


I agree to comply with the following terms that refer to my participation in Gardening Community Service Placement:

1. I have notified Travel with a Cause of all relevant medical conditions and pre-existing injuries, and I consent to Travel with a Cause rendering or authorising such medical treatment as necessary and accept responsibility for all associated expenses.

2. I am a student and not an employee of Travel with a Cause.

3. I will not smoke, consume or store alcohol or illicit drugs in vehicles, offices, accommodation or while working on a project site.

4. I shall respect the rights, feelings and property of all others associated with the projects.

5. I shall cooperate to ensure a safe, happy and hygienic team environment.

6. My placement on all projects is at the discretion of Travel with a Cause

7. Photographs or videos taken of me on a project can be used for promotional purposes.

8. Payment is subject to a cancellation fee of 50% within 14 days of commencement and 100% within 7 days of commencement. Payment and placements are not transferable.

9. I will have to complete the work assigned by Travel with a Cause's partner to receive the certificate.

10. Children must be 12 years old and over. Children must be accompanied by adults over 18 years old.

11. I will comply with Travel with a Cause's policies, while also accepting responsibility for my own safety and the safety of my personal belongings. Furthermore, I will not knowingly or carelessly endanger the safety and welfare of any other participants in Travel with a Cause's activities, or endanger the safety of their personal belongings. I understand that failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in Travel with a Cause requesting me to leave immediately and that I may also forego all entitlements relating to projects and payments.


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