Volunteer FAQ

After years of sending out missions, we now include Volunteer Travel as an integral part of the business.

Travel With A Cause offers Volunteer Holidays in which people can get hands-on experience of giving back and making a difference while travelling. From helping out in orphanages, to teaching children, animal conservation and medical internship. We can help you find the programs that suit you. 

Flights tickets and Visa are not covered in the Program Fee. But TWAC is more than happy to help you book flights with discounts and prepare documents for Visa applications. 

Volunteer Holidays

Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer with Travel with a Cause?

What are the requirements to volunteer?

Step out of your comfort zone and travel for the moment, meet amazing people from all over the world, give something back to the society in the most meaningful way, become a responsible traveler, learn a new language, polish your existing skills and acquire some new ones, boost your resume/CV, become a better human being and it's so much fun!!! 


Travel with a Cause has been a fully accredited International Agency, offering exclusive deals on flights, accommodation, cruising, tours and other travel products for 22 years. 100% of TWAC's Net Profit goes to NGOs projects & developing countries. Volunteer with us also means that you are lending a hand to the projects we have been donating to like providing Lifestraws and Mosquito Nets to developing countries (See "About Us" to get to know more about our Cause)

For the majority of projects, the only requirements are fluency in English, a clean criminal background, and a willingness to give back. Please note that for our Medical and Healthcare projects, volunteers must be qualified or training in a relevant medical field. 


How can I apply?

Can I apply for multiple programs?

Can I change my application if I change my mind? 

It's very simple! You can complete a volunteer booking on our website or contact us. Once you have been accepted for your chosen dates, you will be invited to register by paying your Registration Fee to confirm your place on the program.


Absolutely, as long as the dates are not overlapped.

Yes, you can contact us at info@twac.org.au or 03 62313844 to make changes to your application before registering for the program. 

Fees and payment

Why Pay to Volunteer?

What does a tour include? 


Do I need to buy flight tickets and apply for a via on my own? 

Being transparent and making sure volunteers understand what their fees cover is important to us. The Program Fee is to cover the expenses associated with your stay in your host country to ensure that your volunteer program goes as smoothly as possible. To see exactly what you receive for your fees please see the next Q&A. 

They vary in each tour, but most of the tours include your airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, food, travel insurance and staff support to ensure that your volunteer program goes as smoothly as possible. Please see Program Selection Page and discover what's included and what's not included in each tour. 

As the flights and visa fee are not included in the tour, you might need to pay for them. However, Travel with a Cause can assist you in finding and booking a discounted flight ticket and visa application.